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         Youngstown, Ohio


Timbre is defined as the quality of a sound made by a particular voice or musical instrument; It defines a distinctive character. Just like instruments or works of art, each of us has our own Timbre. When we accept different Timbres into our lives, we can help the world peacefully evolve.

Timbre devotes its efforts to raising funds for the further incorporation of music and art education so that the citizens and  students of the Mahoning Valley and its surrounding communities can experience the benefits of having art and music impact their lives.

Our Mission

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Our organization loves support from new Tambourines (our signature title for our supporters). Please connect with us and let us know how we can help to allow art and music impact your life! Or simply just share with us the impact that music and art have already had on your life!

     ~ Email: TheTimbreGroup@gmail.com

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All monetary donations to our organization are tax deductible! Please consider giving towards a unique and unifying, community cause in the Youngstown area. Any monetary amount is worthwhile; however, you can become an honorary Tambourine depending on the level of your donation:

$50 - $150 donation

Honorary Bronze Tambourine

$151 - $450 donation

Honorary Silver Tambourine

$451+ donation

Honorary Gold Tambourine