August 25, 2018- Reverse Raffle & 'Name That Tune' Benefit

Timbre held our annual reverse raffle event with ‘Name that Tune’ entertainment provided by our supportive Tambourines. The team names were classic this year! It was a lovely, enjoyable evening meeting new citizens who also believe in the importance of music and art education, as well as enjoying the lively music provided throughout the event. A special thank you goes out to The Lunne Family in Canfield who offered the beautiful atmosphere on their property this year. Thank you! Stay tuned to our website for those upcoming developments and if you know of a music or art program in need of support in the Mahoning Valley, please feel free to email us at . Thank you!

Our Way of Thinking

TIMBRE- A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the Mahoning Valley of Youngstown, OH devoted to supporting music and art education in our local schools and communities.


Founded: February, 2015

Timbre's organization consists of a group of volunteer-based citizens throughout the Mahoning Valley who come together in support of music and art education. The organization not  only supports music and art programs in our local schools, but also supports the notion that music and art are mediums that unite people from all backgrounds and beliefs. Timbre also advocates for the inclusion of music and art in communities, in order to connect community members and influence progressive mentalities.


Areas of Interest: 
music, art, philanthropy, fundraising, education, community involvement, diversity, compassion, joy, unity, peace

Organization Profile

Being able to sing, dance, create, play music or imagine are vital experiences to people of all ages. These experiences have the ability to create new ways of thinking, develop individual significance, and impact people around the world in positive, meaningful ways.  People should have the opportunity to peacefully express themselves, or at the very least, be able to make a personal connection to another person's artistic work. Through community donations and volunteerism, THE TIMBRE GROUP offers this opportunity to individuals, groups or schools who lack the funding to accomplish a meaningful integration of art and music into their lives.

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Recent Fundraisers

Recent Donations & Community Activities

         Youngstown, Ohio

May-June 2019

TIMBRE made a significant donation to help the Liberty High School band purchase two McCormick double decker music stands for their equipment storage. We are happy to help band director Mr. Summers purchase sustainable, useful tools to prolong the success and safety of the program! Thank you to our Tambourines who help make these great donations possible!

July 2019

TIMBRE's first mini-grant order is complete for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year! These cute, mini instruments and texts will become a part of the South Range Elementary School's music classroom: mini wrist bells, maracas, a guiro and a sand block and tap-a-taps. Music education and development in the early years is so beneficial to a student's future and overall education.

January-May 2019

TIMBRE is a proud sponsor of the Power of the Arts GO ART! project. TIMBRE's art sponsorship in January helped facilitate an art contest throughout the area calling on local artists to submit their art based on each sponsor's guidelines. TIMBRE's sponsorship requested artwork that came from young artists displaying a positive theme of diversity. Our sponsorship was awarded to over a dozen pieces of student art from Youngstown's Akiva Academy. All winning artists were recognized and awarded at a reception on April 11. It was special to see the students and their families celebrate their creative work. The winning artwork will be displayed on WRTA buses throughout the City of Youngstown for the months of April and May. A complete list of sponsors and the winning artists can be found here.